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While Petrichor Training Solutions starting operating in Washington State in 2015 and Texas in 2019, our experience goes far beyond. The company founder/owner, Leah Hensley, has been conducting, developing and coordinating high-quality courses for more than 15 years. Her experience and knowledge includes backgrounds in health & safety, contract security and emergency medical/fire services industries. PTS believes that everyone should be afforded professional, high-quality training for their workplace, home and community. PTS is dedicated to promoting workplace safety, and providing comprehensive programs to maximize your investment in your employees’ safety, health and security. These programs help to ensure your workplace meets OSHA, WISHA and ILCOR compliance requirements.


Furthermore, PTS wants to make the communities where you live a safer place. Our training is not just for workplaces, we teach for stay at home-parents, grandparents and families seeking to receive safety training. Our courses can be modified to fit your family’s recreation activities and preparedness topics you desire.

We look forward to serving you!

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It’s not a word you hear a lot: Petrichor {pronounced: pet-ri-core}, but it has such a unique meaning. Petrichor is the pleasant smell that frequently follows the first rain after a long period of dry weather. In Washington State it rains, a lot. The concept of our business name is developed from this environmental phenomenon.


We want to ‘shower’ our participants with the knowledge necessary to make successful decisions in emergency and security response. This empowers participants for greater success should an unusual situation should occur in their workplace, home or community. 

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Leah Hensley

Leah Hensley is the owner and training center director for Petrichor Training Solutions. Leah has been instructing health and safety courses for more than 15 years in various capacities. She teaches more than 10 life-safety courses and more than 4 different nationally recognized curriculum.

Leah first got started as a First Aid & CPR/AED instructor for a non-profit organization and later started working as a trainer with two security agencies. In addition to health and safety courses Leah has also taught security and disaster preparedness training for several years.


In her community, Leah serves as a volunteer with a fire department as an                         EMT and PIO and as a CERT member with the City of Federal Way.

                ​When Leah isn't working or volunteering in her community, she is                      hiking, kayaking, biking and more! All of the scenic photography                        found on this website was taken by Leah! The photo on our contact                    page is from her adventure to the top of Mount Saint Helen's! That                    dome you see is the inside of the volcano! Want to meet Leah? Sign                    up for a class! 

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