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Petrichor Training Solutions Frequently Asked Questions:

A: Before contacting us you may find answers to your questions here. Please use the following links to scroll the section you need faster: 

First Aid, CPR & AED   |  BLS  | HIV/AIDS Ed & BBP  | Babysitter's Training  | Wilderness First Aid 

General Questions:

Q: Where are your classes held?

A: We are a MOBILE training solutions company bringing high-quality training right to your doorstep. We offer on-site training in your workplace, home or community location. 


Q: When are your instructors available?

A: We are available at your convenience (with given notice) 24/7. We may charge extra for grave shift classes, but we do make every effort to assist our clients during your normal business hours. We understand that some of your staff may only be available during certain hours.


Q: Do you offer classes in Spanish?

A: Not yet! We do offer materials in Spanish. 


Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. Most of our classes have a 48 hour cancellation fee. Our Wilderness & Remote First Aid course has a 20 day cancellation fee (due to the preparation of the class). Any registration fees associated with the course are non-refundable.


Q: What can I do to prepare for an upcoming course?

A: We recommend reviewing your materials every 6 months and at least a couple of weeks prior to an upcoming course. For the most part, we recommend you prepare yourself by reviewing your manual prior to class.


Q: Do you cancel classes due to low enrollment?

A: In a nutshell, NO. For some classes we do require a minimum of 4 participants. The more participants per class the more cost savings!

Q. I lost my card; where can I get it replaced?

A. If you are still holding a printed card you will need to get in touch with the training site/center that did your training. For any eCards issued through AHA or ARC participants can go to the respective links found at the top of our website. If you attended an ASHI or ARC card with PTS contact us to have a eCard reissued (additional fees may apply).


CPR/AED/FA for Lay Responders and Healthcare Professionals

Q: We notice you offer American Heart Association (AHA), American Red Cross (ARC) & American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) courses; what’s the difference in content?


A: It is our opinion that everyone should be prepared for CPR and First Aid emergencies regardless of what agency is providing the CPR certification, as long as it meets/exceeds your personal and professional requirements. All of the courses we offer are developed and set forth by the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). Our programs also meet or exceed OSHA and WISHA standards. We choose to offer a wide range of courses to meet our client needs. The content is similar since one national agency created the standards for the course content. For more information on course content please inquire when registering for a course.

Q: I am a registered nurse; do you offer CPR for Healthcare providers?

A: Yes. We teach both the American Red Cross and American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) courses. This class is intended for healthcare professionals inclusive of doctors, dentists, nurses, EMTs, firefighters, nursing school students, and so forth. Not sure what class you need? Consult with your employer or certification board or contact us.

Q: What is an AED?

A. AED stands for Automatic External Defribullator. Come to a class, we’ll show you how to use one!

Q: How long is my CPR card valid for?

A: All CPR certifications, regardless of nationally recognized curricula are valid for 2 years (unless otherwise noted on the card).

Q: How do I download my AHA eCard? 

A: Here is more information on how to download your card.  

Q: Do you offer Refresher/Renewal courses?

A: You Bet! Depending on the curriculum we use we can customize to meet your needs. We also offer a challenge course to qualified individuals (depending on the curriculum). AHA BLS Renewal courses require participants to have a current/valid certification. 

Q: The company I work for wants me to become First Aid and CPR/AED instructor? How can I find more information?

A: You may contact us directly to get more information. The benefit of PTS providing your instructor training is individual consultation. The fees include the course hours, consultation, mentorship, and observation. We currently only offer American Red Cross CPR/AED and First Aid Instructor Certifications.

Q: Can’t I just take a CPR class online?

A: There are many companies offering online-only classes today; most of these courses are intended for bystanders. We see value in hands-on practice with participants in the classroom because CPR is a motor skill, which requires practice and repetition. Observation from a trained instructor can ensure accuracy to learn effective techniques. OSHA & WISHA requirements include hands-on training. Online only courses DO NOT meet these requirements. 

Many employers may not accept online-only training. Before signing up for an online class be sure it is a blended learning course (see next question for more information).


Q: Can your instructors come to our workplace to evaluate our CPR and First Aid skills after we have completed the online session? [Blended-learning]

A: Yes! We encourage you to take the course on-line if you find it more convenient. Call and schedule an appointment with us for 1-2 hours and we will review the content and certify you! [A printed on-line certification is REQUIRED for participation in the skills session].


HIV/AIDS Education & Awareness Training

Q: I need to take the HIV/AIDS Education & Awareness Training; when is your next class?

A: Due to lack of training space we have created an Independent Study that will meets classroom hours for the state. 


Go to the HIV/AIDS page and follow the links to get started with the program. Instructions for downloading the guide, exam answer sheet, how to submit your exam & the payment process are explained in detail.


Q: Where do I download the study guide and exam answer-sheet?

A: Follow the instructions on this page; We made it really easy!

Q: How do I submit my written exam?

A: Email your written exam to


Q: How do I pay for my certification?

A: Use this link to pay online. We no longer accept cash or check by mail. If you are scheduling a class portion we can process your credit card, take cash or business check at the time of your class. 


Q: Do I have to pay before I get my eCertificate?

A: Yes, please. There are NO exceptions.

Q: What is your refund policy? 

A: This policy is specifically for the HIV/AIDS Education & Awareness Independent Study Programs if you require our policy for other programs please click here.

Refunds must be submitted in writing within 30 days of payment. Refunds minus our administrative fee of $10 will be returned to your account within one week of a written request. Participants who have submitted their exam for grading are not eligible for a refund.


Q: I am having trouble downloading the written exam answer sheet; what is another option for downloading the exam?

A: Use the following links to download a PDF version of the exam. You will need to print (unless you have the software to modify the document).  4-Hour    7-Hour


Q: What if I fail?

A: You have three chances to resubmit your exam before you will need to repay. Most participants pass with an average of 86%

Q: Does the HIV/AIDS Education course include Bloodborne Pathogens Training? 

A: No. The BBP course is currently taught separately. 

Babysitter’s Training 


Q: Where can I attend a Babysitter’s course?

A: Host a party with your closest friends! Host a block party with neighborhood acquaintances (great way to make new friends). We require a minimum of 4 participants for the course. We can come to your home, community center, daycare center (great place for hosting), local fire department or a church. Need more ideas for locations, invitations or combo packages (baby-sitter’s boot camp), just let us know! We come to you.


Wilderness & Remote First Aid


Q: Where can I attend a WFA course?

A: Host an event! We require a minimum of 4 participants for the course. We simply need indoor classroom space and outdoor practical space. Ideas for locations: home/garage or shop, fire department, church, community center, cabin. We can work with you to generate ideas.


Q. What are the 10 Essentials?

A. We have seen a variety of list of the 10 essentials throughout the years. Here is a short list we recommend:

  1. Navigation (map and compass)

  2. Sun protection (sunglasses and sunscreen)

  3. Insulation (extra clothing, )

  4. Illumination (headlamp/flashlight)

  5. First-aid supplies

  6. Fire (waterproof matches/lighter/candles)

  7. Repair kit and tools (Knife)

  8. Nutrition (extra food)

  9. Hydration (extra water)

  10. Emergency shelter (tent, bivy sack)

Still have questions? Contact us. 

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