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Why Petrichor Training Solutions, LLC?

Convenience: Take classes where you need it, when you need it. We can work with your schedule ANY time or day. We will travel for as few as 4 participants per session. All we need is an outlet for our projector system, a large open room and chairs.


Quality: Our instructors absolutely love what we do. We have instructors with more than a decade of experience. We know that learning should be fun and affordable, so we work with you as much as you need in the classroom. 


Affordable: Ask us about our group rates for 10 or more participants. We also offer discounts for non-profit organizations. 


Authorized Learning Provider & Training Site: We ONLY offer nationally recognized programs through the American Red Cross, AHA, ASHI & American CPR Training to provide you with options and quality training. Our certifications meet OSHA requirements (where necessary) and are valid for two years (where applicable).


Recommended: Customer testimonials for a CPR/AED & First Aid course, "I've been an EMT for 18 years, hands down best class I've ever had." -Mike 

Before contacting us you may be able to find the answers on our website which could save you valuable time. Here are the two most frequently asked questions about our programs: 

1) I want to enroll in an HIV/AIDS Education & Awareness Training; how to I get enrolled? Click here to learn more. 

2) I want to sign up for a CPR/AED, BLS or First Aid class; where do you offer trainingClick here to learn more. 

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