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In your last CPR/AED class you probably learned what an AED is and how to use it, but [L1] when I ask participants in my courses where they can find an AED in the community the [L2] group is usually quiet, some know, some don’t.

So, I offer you a challenge, the next time you are out and about I challenge you to look for AEDs in your community. Here are places you could find them:

  1. Libraries

  2. Schools

  3. Stadiums

  4. Community Centers

  5. Malls

  6. Fitness Centers

  7. Colleges

  8. Airports

  9. Churches

  10. City Halls

…and more!


There are a few different agencies that track where AEDs are located in the community and there are apps for smart devices. Pulse Point is a fast-growing app and is asking for community members to help build the most comprehensive registry of AED locations for use during emergencies in the USA. PulsePoint also utilizes another function for responders to receive alerts for medical emergencies in their immediate vicinity. In 2016, an off-duty doctor received an alert on his smart phone and responded to an incident two blocks from his home. His quick actions giving 2-3 minutes of CPR until EMS crews arrived on the scene may have saved a life. You can read the full story posted by King5 News here. To learn more about PulsePoint and to register your AED or yourself as a responder go to: PulsePoint.

Another mobile device app is AED Registry. The services this agency provides are similar services as mentioned in the PulsePoint description above. Having more resources can save lives.

Petrichor Training Solutions does not endorse or receive endorsements from any external parties referenced in this article. This information is provided as a resource and is not legal advice.

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