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Babysitter's Training for Junior Counselor Workshop, Summer 2018!

Each year, Seabury Middle School presents a unique summer camp. On the first day of the course Petrichor Training Solutions is invited to teach Babysitter’s Training and we have a blast! PTS currently uses the American Red Cross Babysitter’s Training Course which is ideal for youth ages 11-15. What’s included in the program we offer?

  • Leadership Skills

  • Business of Babysitting

  • Writing a resume

  • Building a business plan

  • How to advertise

  • How to interview

  • How to Deal with Difficult Behavior

  • Safe Play with children

  • Basic feeding and care for children and infants

  • Bottle feeding

  • Diapering

  • Holding

  • Etc.

  • Emergency Preparedness & Response

Because this two-and-a-half day camp includes First Aid & CPR/AED training with the local fire department on day two we have a unique opportunity to expand on the topics and add Advanced Babysitter’s Training topics into this course. We look forward to partnering with Seabury Middle School next year for this workshop.


PTS can come to your location for as few as 4 participants for this course. Here are some creative ideas for getting your community organized:

  1. Youth Groups at churches!

  2. Organize a course at your worksite (all we need is a training/conference room); parents at the worksite can bring the youth to work for Babysitter’s Training and leave with their parents at the end of the day!

  3. Community Centers can organize a class and we can teach it at your location!

  4. Families and neighborhoods can organize a class in your home! We offer hosting discounts if you have 10 kids join the class at your home!

Want to learn more about babysitter’s training, pricing and how to book a class for your group? Just click here.


Do you remember your first experience as a babysitter? I certainly remember my first experience and looking back I wish I would have had a little more training and knowledge under my belt. It would have better prepared me for coming up with fun activities to do, how to respond to toddlers who didn’t want their parents to leave, and other tasks as simple as feeding a baby.

Babysitting during family events was often left to the youth and I always enjoyed the experience, but it was often learning by trial and error. Having some basic knowledge would likely have pushed me in the right direction for starting a successful babysitting experience while enhancing my leadership skills.

Not all Babysitter’s Training is alike. At Petrichor Training Solutions to ensure that babysitter’s learn new, modern techniques for starting a babysitting business, caring for babies and kids and responding to emergencies. We have a NEW enhanced Babysitter’s Training that includes Blended-Learning First Aid & CPR/AED training! Babysitter’s complete the online portion of the blended-learning class and attend the Babysitter’s Training where they will demonstrate their skills for First Aid, CPR and use of an AED.

Summer specials are going on now! Hurry and sign up today!

A special shout-out to the Seabury Middle School Junior Counselors, thank you and have a safe summer!

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